Whispers, Denzil Porter, Chris Rivers, & Chip-Fu | R.I.O.C. Freestyle

DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz’s radio show “Rap Is Outta Control” on Sirius XM has just witnessed one of the best freestyle sessions since the show began over seven years ago. Bronx natives Chris Rivers, Whispers, and Denzil Porter have quickly become some of the most sought out and strongest lyricists, achieving internet popularity with platforms such as Team Backpack Cyphers as well as collaborations with The LOX. Joined by legendary emcee Chip-Fu of the infamous Fu-Schickens and with cuts provided by DJ Eclipse over an Audible Doctor instrumental, all four emcees tore their mics down with the heavy lyricism and multi-syllable rhyming that rapping has evolved into. Check out the video above.

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